A unique add-on to any production planning software for one-click publication of your production plan, and easy multi-directional communication
OccaSee in a Nutshell
OccaSee will solve most common problems regarding publication and communication of your production planning or schedule, and create production planning transparency.
How It Works
Take a look at the solutions OccaSee offers to streamline publication and communication of your production planning and scheduling process


OccaSee publishes your production planning as a Gantt chart, table or both via web browser, making it instantly available to all parties in the day-to-day supply chain process. The Gantt chart creates an easily comprehensible graphical display of your production schedule, which can be tailored for each user’s needs.

In addition, OccaSee search functionality enables finding and saving relevant information once the production plan is published.

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Put the message where it belongs’ and make your production planning the central communication platform for your supply chain.

OccaSee enables authorized users to place remarks on production batches or resources creating instantly available additional information. It is also possible to generate a notification, which will emphasize your message and signal the relevant stakeholders to take immediate action!

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OccaSee delivers information on production orders, inventory levels and product details, all accessible via the Gantt chart or the table view of the production plan. Several real-time views are available, as well as graphical display of projected inventory, letting each stakeholder choose the most appropriate view.

Once the plan is published, it can be updated manually or automatically using systems such as MES/ERP.

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Software Interface

Below you can see outlined the features, which make OccaSee an invaluable help
with communicating the production plan

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OccaSee Mobile Application
Stay up to date with the production process wherever you are!
Each stakeholder can securely log in to view information specifically tailored for them.

You can view all of your batches through one convenient menu.

When viewing a production line, you see all the essential information, including production details and ‘traffic lights’ – remarks.
Notifications such as alerts, warnings and messages can be reviewed separately, which provides easy access and allows you to take needed action immediately.
Every stakeholder can securely log in, and view the relevant production line separately. All the essential information is provided, including production details and ‘traffic lights’ – remarks. Notifications such as alerts, warnings and messages can be reviewed separately, allowing you to take needed action immediately.
OccaJuice – SAP integration

In order to get the most benefit from SAP business management software and OccaSee,
we provide OccaJuice – a seamless link between the two systems and databases

Our Clients
Companies based in the Netherlands, Belgium, as well as Germany are enjoying the benefits OccaSee can bring to supply chain management. Read ahead to find out what our customers have to say about their experience with OccaSee.
Grolsch, one of Holland’s oldest and largest breweries, have been using OccaSee for some years now, and have expressed satisfaction with the software’s unique features. Read below how Grolsch representatives responded about their experience with OccaSee:

“The responsiveness in the supply chain has grown, since everyone has the latest update available immediately after publishing it by supply chain planning. Besides, any exceptions in the process can easily be communicated by the tool.”
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FrieslandCampina, a leading dairy company, selected OccaSee for supply chain visibility and improvement of production planning communication. Read below what FrieslandCampina representatives had to say about working with OccaSee:

“OccaSee enabled us to move from a static plan, with one-way communication to a dynamic, always up-to-date planning with multi-directional communication.”

Simedarby Unimills, a leading supplier of tailor-made vegetable oil based ingredients, is also a long standing client of Occator and user of OccaSee, which provides clear visibility and excellent communication across the supply chain.
Die Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft (OTG), a German based tea company, chooses OccaSee for supply chain visibility and improvement of production planning communication.
Occator is also providing its Supply Chain Services to a leading global oleochemical producer in Emmerich. The company also benefits from the additional advantages of OccaSee to optimise internal communication.
Our Story

OccaSee Production Planning Visibility is a product of Occator Supply Chain Consultancy and Software. With over 15 years of experience in Supply Chain Consultancy, implementation of production scheduling software, and improvements on existing implementations, we have gained in-depth knowledge of supply chain planning and scheduling. With this experience we set out to optimize communication, which surrounds production planning, because optimizing is what planners do, right? OccaSee was developed as an addition to existing planning software. The aim is to optimize communication, visualization and accessibility of the production planning, resulting in a quality improvement of the whole supply chain. Streamline your planning process and supply chain performance with OccaSee. Contact us and we shall discuss the possibilities OccaSee and Occator have to offer to your supply chain organization!

get in touch to find out what OccaSee can do for your company!
get in touch to find out what OccaSee can do for your company!

+31 (0) 15 2155 684

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If you are interested and would like to request a demo, or simply have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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