For every company communication is critical. Communication on company goals to make sure everybody is clear on what you want to achieve. Communication to your clients, obviously. And then there is your internal communication on day-to-day activities. We are not talking about the flashy communication of your company’s strategy but the kind of internal communication, which has an instant impact on your supply chain and the overall success of your business. Your employees make or break your company’s  performance, and they do this with (mis-)communication.


Communication Is The Typical Production Planning Pitfall

Today’s practice  of communicating supply chain issues, or communication in general within companies, is done by email. Logically email is the time consumer on the workfloor. Just send an email and your job is done. Not a very practical way to communicate on production planning issues, which require fast response. Mails get lost, inbox folders explode, not the most recent mail on supply chain planning issues is read, etc. Does, when things have went south, hearing “But I send you a mail about that!” ring any bell?

Then there are meetings and ad hoc talks and requests. This puts more strain on your production planning department and is a source of misunderstanding and error, filling up your mailbox even more and creating piles of  notes and reminders. Any idea how much time is lost on all sorts of ad hoc information requests at your planning department? They should be planning or working on improving your planning process, not being the supply chain helpdesk, which does not add any value.

Communication and OccaSee Production Planning Visibility Goes Hand in Hand

We think communication is one of the crucial processes for achieving a successful supply chain. Communication technologies and tools  have evolved significantly since email. Go figure, social media allows you to privately to stay up-to-date with hundreds of acquaintances, simultaneously! And back at work you are equipped with email, the electronic letter.

OccaSee Production Planning Visibility allows you to put the message where it belongs. That is, if there is an issue with a production order, for example, a change in the recipe, have the colleague responsible for the new recipe communicate this on the production batch in question!

This dramatically reduces  the unnecessary information flow.  While previously the message needed to go through several links to get where it needed to go, now the message is communicated straight and with no fuss. OccaSee solution is so simple and effective that you will not know how your company functioned before – our clients guarantee!

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