A supply chain needs to run smoothly in order to be effective. The success of the business depends on efficient supply chain, where at the same time so many things can go wrong, cause delays and eventual losses. Production planning is a key part of the process. There are countless production planning aides and tools available, and so a business must be wise in choosing among these tools. This article will tell you why OccaSee Production Planning Visibility, developed by Occator Supply Chain Consultancy, is one of the best planning tools out there, with a set of in-built capabilities to make the production planning process smooth, effective, and collaborative.

What makes OccaSee Production Planning Visibility Special

OccaSee is a tool that lets you connect to systems such as ERP and SAP, and import production planning data. Then the production plan can be published and distributed. But what really sets OccaSee apart is its unique feature of letting other supply chain stakeholders contribute valuable information, thus avoiding mistakes and letting agents react quickly and efficiently.

OccaSee lets you publish and distribute the production plan. Seamless inbuilt updating capabilities, which ensure the most recent and accurate information.
The production plan is visualised as a Gantt chart in real time. This gives a clear graphic overview of the progress, what has been accomplished and what still needs to be produced.
Each stakeholder can create personalised viewports to access only the most relevant information for them. Clutter-free workspace and maximum attention to detail.
Most importantly, stakeholders can contribute to the production plan by adding remarks and setting up alerts, which are instantly delivered to all other concerned parties, allowing them to react promptly.

A planning event or production mistake, which could easily be missed otherwise, is now instantly visible as a notification. Communication is made even more efficient by prioritising particular events and stakeholders.


OccaSee also lets you look up and revise important planning information, such as production details, product details, inventory view, the bill of material, etc.

The features outlined above set OccaSee Production Planning Visibility apart as a frontrunner in bringing the supply chain into the digital age. This offers you real-time responsiveness and excellent communication possibilities. OccaSee lets you leave the stress of re-planning and re-distributing behind, as well as eliminates the headaches of errors in production and missed deadlines. Everyone stays informed, and the production process is smooth and care-free!

get in touch to find out what OccaSee can do for your company!
get in touch to find out what OccaSee can do for your company!

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