Multi-Directional Communication


OccaSee makes your planning a platform for communication on any production or planning issues.

Normally additional information is handed to the planner to enclose with the production plan, or pass to others. This easily causes errors and communication in all directions consumes time.

Authorise responsible co-workers to add their message directly to OccaSee, making it instantly available to all. Saves invaluable time and removes stress and workload communicating manually!

OccaSee provides the possibility to add information to production batches or resources, thus adding quality to your production plan. When authorized, users can add a remark to a production batch or a production resource. This remark is immediately available for all users, allowing them to take immediate action if necessary. It is so convenient to communicate via interactive production planning!


  • optimize production planning communication
  • reduce frantic phone calls and emails when an issue arises
  • eliminate errors caused by miscommunication
  • create a history of remarks at production batches and resources
  • information where it is needed, when it is needed

Screenshot of how a remark would look in OccaSee



OccaSee offers an exceptional in-built notification system,
which allows to communicate important planning events to groups of users

Clients admit that OccaSee’s notification system is what truly sets it apart from other means of communicating the changes in the production plan. An event or mistake, which could easily be missed otherwise, is now instantly visible as a notification. Furthermore, the communication is made even more effective by prioritizing events for various groups of stakeholders.

Every stakeholder can now stay up-to-date  with the help of OccaSee’s notifications, such as:

  • alert on publication of a new planning
  • alert when critical levels are exceeded
  • alert on the occurrence of certain pre-defined remarks
  • alert on changes in monitored events

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