Client Review

Grolsch, one of Holland’s oldest and largest breweries, have been using OccaSee for a while now, and have expressed satisfaction with the software’s unique features. Read below how Grolsch representatives responded about their experience with OccaSee:

1) What is the most beneficial feature of OccaSee for your planning process?

“Having one single planning available for every stakeholder in the company which is always according to the latest insights. Moreover, OccaSee includes the planning from beginning of the supply chain until the end, meaning, a total overview is available for all relevant stakeholders.”

2) Has OccaSee helped solve any reoccurring problems you used to have before, regarding your planning process? Can you describe them?

“The responsiveness in the supply chain has grown, since everyone has the latest update available after publishing it by supply chain planning. Besides, any exceptions in the process can easily be communicated by the tool.”

3) How does OccaSee compare to your previous way of distributing production planning schedule?

“In general OccaSee can be easier consulted since it is available via intranet. No separate planning is sent anymore to stakeholders, but one single point of communication is used (i.e. OccaSee).”



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