Publishing The Production Plan


Publish the production plan via web browser and mobile app, notifying and providing all involved parties with the most actual production plan! All with just one mouse click!

OccaSee communicates your production planning as a Gantt chart, table or both via a web browser to everyone in the day-to-day production process. The intuitive user interface lets you easily access details of the production batch in order to for instance:


  • make a remark, which  is relevant for your direct colleagues or other stakeholders
  • enter a production booking to update the progress
  • view product details, for example the inventory graph, which shows the projected inventory


  • compatible with any planning tool
  • always the latest information
  • instant access to the most recent production plan
  • real-time production progress
  • crystal-clear communication

Extended search functionality is available to quickly access the information. Searches can be stored in bookmarks so you can use them again as and when needed.

Screenshot of the software

Finding Relevant Information


OccaSee search functionality enables you to find and save relevant information once the production plan is published

Search functionality in OccaSee enables you to find what you need. Create a selection and the table with data is filtered. Optionally the Gantt view can be filtered as well, excluding the resources you do not wish to see. This way any view in OccaSee is tailor-made specifically for your needs. The selections and layouts can be stored in bookmarks, for easy re-use. the bookmark can be accessed at any moment with just one click.


  • tailor-made views on what you need to know
  • filter data to get to the information you require
  • bookmarks for frequently used views and searches